“I have had the pleasure of working with Jenny Kent on many occasions, the sessions I have had with her have been invaluable, not only for the roles I have been going for, but also for the long term. I truly believe Jenny is one of the best vocal coaches in the country, I will continue to use her for my work and would highly recommend to others”.
Shane Jacobson, (The Time of Our Lives, Kenny, The Bourne Legacy)
“I’ve been lucky enough to work with Jen on several projects. Her approach is gentle, thorough and completely workable. She always instills me with absolute confidence in my vocal and accent work”.
Nicole Da Silva, (Wentworth, Rush, Carla Cametti PD)
“In my role addressing large groups of people on a regular basis, nerves often get in the way of delivering my message clearly and confidently. Jenny showed me how to approach presentations with clarity, confidence and persuasiveness”.
Ian Jenkins, (Barrister)
“Jen respects an actor’s creative process and is efficient and targeted in her coaching. She understands how an actor creates a role and works with the actor to adapt character choices into the creation of a voice, whilst simultaneously being very precise about exactly how to create the nuts and bolts of a dialect. This means the process is fast and has depth and gives you the actor confidence in your ability to imbed and often unlock a character.”
Annie Maynard, (Upper Middle Bogan, Puberty Blues, Paper Giants)
“Jenny inherently understands the needs of actors. With innate sensitivity and discipline, she works with actors to create a dialect to enhance any scene. Further to this, her understanding of voice means she is an invaluable resource for any actor. From a director’s point of view, Jenny is always respectful and insightful, she has an ability to understand direction so the accent always enhances rather than conflicts the performance.”
Justin Martin, (Resident director : Billy Elliot – The Musical, Associate Director : The Audience, West End)